A message from His Excellency the Honourable Burchell Whiteman, O. J. Former Jamaican High Commissioner to the United Kingdom


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"Create and view everlasting online remembrance memorials and tributes..."

Memorialja.com provides you the opportunity to create an online memorial to celebrate the life of someone who has made a difference to your life and perhaps many others throughout the world. You can create a memorial by composing a unique tribute for family members, or a person who has influenced you.

Your memories, films and photographs of family, friends, colleagues, heros and heroines will provide an everlasting, memorial that can be accessed by anybody, worldwide, at any time.

I encourage you to meet these people through their pages, photographs, films and stories. Each of their lives is precious, not just to their families, but to all of us. Each of them has a life, and a story worth remembering.

Support the Vision - Donations for schools in Jamaica

(With regards to MemorialJA.com insertions, 90% of your payment will be donated to schools in Jamaica) Weve seen first hand that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Based on voluntary and insertion donations MemorialJA.com has committed to providing the schools, teachers, and resources disadvantaged children need to get a basic primary and secondary education. This in turn allows the children to make positive contributions to their communities. MemorialJA.com believe that investing in education is in many ways the key to development as it provides significant benefits and rewards for the larger community.

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Together we can build a better Jamaica!

Dedicated to all Jamaicans who have passed away.