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Death really is a slap in the face, is it not? Not for the person partaking in it, mind you, but for those directly affected by the passing away of one's life. We live our lives in a cycle, and when a person's being is snatched from our routine schedules, we feel it. Whether that emptiness is caused from the lack of their smile or missing their presence in a room, the weight of the sensation is at times suffocating.

The worst part lies in the fact that this wake-up call always arrives far too late and without exception- unexpectedly. We as humans are cursed with our mortality, however, fixed in the tacit belief we seemingly hold that we shall live forever. We take for granted those close to us, going about our business in the morning, expecting to to see or hear from them. But when the silence from them happen the realization is time-stopping.

The word "snatched" was used previously and can be used to detail the death of nearly everyone who passes away. However, the most recent death I have had the experience in knowing emulated that word flawlessly. No natural causes here, my friend. No inevitable accident.

Its been over a year since you left us, Eme and All I have to offer is a reminder, to myself before anyone else. someone said it best when stating "you will only find 'tomorrow' on the calendars of fools." Spend your time wisely friends, with everyone that you know. Never put off telling someone how you feel about them, and by no means leave a room on an angry note. No one is promised another day, so leave nothing unsaid.

As for me, I have only my words, but their impact is fleeting and in no way guaranteed. If you are reading this, share in that fact with someone. Who knows when your next chance may come along…





Dedicated to Eme "Bonna" Usim