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Born in 1954 in the rural south-west of Jamaica, Taylor the responsible for the international release to "Cottage in Negril", a single he wrote produced himself.

He has been around the music since the early 60's he made his first single "Delilah", in Kingston in 1968, Vince Brown and Taylor had a duo called the Soul Menders which was short-lived. He considered giving up music altogether, but was encouraged him to persevere by other musicians.

Taylor decided to concentrate on what he knew best and wrote about a romance he had had with a tourist holidaying in Negril, a thriving and pretty beach resort. Cut with a crack studio band featuring Willie Lindo on guitar, Lloyd Parks on bass, Ansel Collins on keyboards, and a gorgeous saxophone solo by Dean Fraser, "Cottage in Negril" should have been the start of great things for Taylor, but he failed to achieve any further international success.