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The family of the late ROY ELLINGTON NOSWORTHY express thanks to friends, the church, family, students, parents and associates who extended support and kindness. Also thanks to House of Tranquility for the service provided.

Sadly missed by Stacia, Analice, Madge, Polly, Pollita , Oneel.

Roy Ellington Nosworthy, the only son of Mable Wallace was born on Jan. 28, 1944 in the district of Camberwell in the parish of St. Mary. As a child he and his only sister Polly attended school in the parish, until the family migrated to Kingston, . Roy’s education continued at the Rollington Town All Age school, at the end of which period he started learning tailoring as an apprentice to a tailor in the downtown Kingston area. Through this connection the teenager came under the ministry of Pastor Joseph Thompson and gave his heart to the Lord.

He entered wholeheartedly into the life of the Church of God of Prophecy at Mt. View Ave.; he was a very active young Christian, with a worldview strongly influenced by his pastor who for many years was also his neighbour. Roy who was generally known as Bro. Carlton, completed his training as a tailor and pursued that vocation for several years. At the same time he also showed a lot of interest in photography, and was often called upon to display his skills in this area.

As an energetic Christian Roy was particularly instrumental in the Sunday School department which he headed for many years. My siblings and I have very fond memories of Bro. Carlton teaching us in Sunday School.
Sometime during these early years Carlton started to pursue his great passion- music. Under the tutelage of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore he successfully sat his music exams and was soon qualified to teach music, and believe me he wanted to teach everybody. He gave himself completely to the world of music. He and his accordion were definitely an item.

Both tailoring and photography became casualties as Carlton gave himself to teaching music to individuals as well as working with choirs and singing groups. In the midst of all this however the handsome young man found time to woo and wed Madge Elson. The ceremony took place on Dec. 12 1970 and the union produced two girls Stacia and Annalice. He was also blessed with a Grandson Gavin Oneil.

During the late seventies Carlton’s dear friend Bro. Thomas invited him to fill in for the organist at this church. He settled down right here and eventually took over both as organist and choir master. His connections here led to him becoming involved in the music departments of several other first born churches. Apart from music Bro. Carlton also had a passion for spreading the gospel, and for writing down his own thoughts on the scriptures and quotes which he found worthwhile. He sometimes preached on the buses made and distributed his own gospel tracts. Many of his writings and scribbles have been found among his possessions. One of his favourite radio programmes was Back to the Bible, so immersed was he in the business of God’s kingdom.

Those of us who knew Bro. Carlton have our individual memories of him, but I think one memory which we have in common is his insistence on speaking the queen’s English, and his persistence in finding the exact word which he wanted to use, regardless of how long it took to complete the sentence. His daughter says she has never heard her father speak patois.

As we gather here today and wonder why it had to be this way, let us reflect on the positive ways in which this child of God has touched with whom he was acquainted, and determine to live our own lives in ways that make the world a better place and also have eternal value.