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Louise Bennett Coverley (September 7, 1919– July 26, 2006). “Miss Lou” walked away from us to join her dearly beloved husband, Eric “Rico” Coverley. She leaves behind stepson Fabian Coverley; step grandsons Clayton, Craig and Jamie. “Brawta Dawta” Rosie Johnston; cousins and many many dear friends, admirers and fans in Canada, Jamaica and all over the world. Louise Bennett was a “gift” from Jamaica to the world. This brilliant daughter of Jamaica and cultural icon, had an illustrious and amazing career which spanned several continents.

In the latter years she and her husband chose Toronto Canada as their home. Miss Lou we shall remember your wisdom, your stories, your laugh, your cry and most of all the way you brought joy into the lives of those who met you and those who wished they had. Walk good my friend and remember, “good duppy walk with you.”