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Formally of CCN, Sunrise 28/9/1968 and was killed in Mountain view on 27/4/2000. If love could have kept you on earth, you would live forever, there are times in our lives when we feel, there is no way up or out, we have been to the place call "Rock Bottom" and it was so easy to have lost faith in our ability to go on without you, but we remember that you have taught us how to summon our strength and never sympathize with our weakness, and it is exactly in these times we turn to the infinite power within us, if the bottom of these rocks could talk they would tell you how our hearts are broken, we are living without you and it hurts so bad, and God knows that we have learned not to be scared anymore, but truly we are missing you immensely........Sadly missed by Wife, Son, Mother, Sister, Brother, other relatives and friends.