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The great Jamaican reggae producer Joe Gibbs (born Joel A. Gibson in Montego Bay, died of heart attack.
After some time spent in the United States as an electronic engineer, Gibbs went back to Kingston, and opened a record and TV repair shop at 32 Beeston Street. After some time he started to record artists in the back of his shop with a two-track tape machine. In 1968, with the help of Bunny Lee, he launched his Amalgamated label, and had his first success with one of the earliest rock steady tunes, Roy Shirley's "Hold Them".

Gibbs enrole the young Winston "Niney" Holness (later known as Niney The Observer) who helped maintain Gibbs' production on the top of the charts. During the rock steady period until 1970, he met success with numerous smashing hits of vocalists like The Pioneers, Errol Dunkey, and Ken Parker, and worked with backing bands such as Lynn Taitt and the Jets (including the organist Ansel Collins, and horns players Tommy McCook, Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, Bobby Ellis and Vin Gordon), or The Hippy Boys (featuring the Barrett brothers as the rhythm section).

He kept on recording famous artists like The Ethiopians, Delroy Wilson, and The Heptones During this period he launched three new labels; Jogib, Shock, and Pressure Beat and also opened his New York Record Mart at 11 South Parade.

During the seventy's his studio moved twice where he continue to record until the 90's