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Legendary engineer Errol Thompson has passed away on Sunday November 14, 2004. Errol Thompson, known to many simply as ET, has died from a stroke. He was considered one of Jamaica's greatest engineers, and his work with Joe Gibbs not only produced over 100 number one records but also some of reggae's finest music including classic works from Peter Tosh, Culture, Dennis Brown, Black Uhuru and the Mighty Diamonds.

Born December 29, 1948, in Kingston, Jamaica, Thompson was developing his own style of "version" sides at Randy's studio on North Parade at about the same time Tubby did his groundbreaking experiments. The main difference between the Tubby's approach and Thompson's was actually the equipment they had at their disposal. While Tubby was managing to refine the sound using faders, delay echo and a phase shifter to bend to bend the music still further, Thompson was reliant on having to push buttons, rather than sliding tracks smoothly in and out of the mix (as Tubby was able to do to such great effect). All in all itt would be unfair to credit Tubby with the invention of recorded dub, as Errol Thompson was at the same time pioneering bass and drum at Randy's Studio 17 with a great deal of success. One simply has to listen to the ground-breaking "Java, Java, Java" album of 1973, to witness that Thompson truly is a pioneer of dub techniques