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It has been three years since you departed us. You never said you were leaving, You never said goodbye. You were gone in the twinkle of an eye. Only God knows why. You did not go alone because a part of us went with you the day God took you home. Your teaching and wisdom you taught will always remain with us.

Clement Seymour Dodd aka Sir Coxsone place of birth Jamaica - 26 January, 1932, The single most important person in the history of reggae music, Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd was a vital figure in the journey of Jamaican popular music from ska through rock steady and early reggae.

Dodd a cousin of Alda Bennett got his start in the Jamaican scene by operating with his mother "Sir Coxson" sound systems in the '50s, beginning to record discs at the end of the decade, and opening the first black-owned Jamaica studio in 1963 the legendary, Studio One. who he produced, and when, in the 1960s are many as most people passed through his recording studio.

While he has worked with stars such as Bob Marley, Bob Andy, The Paragons just to name a few his best work is considered to have been laid during the rock steady era; many of the tracks he produced during this time have been "versioned" ever since.





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