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Charles Hyatt made his film debut in A High Wind in Jamaica (1965) starring Anthony Quinn, James Coburn. He would appear in Club Paradise (1986) starring Robin Williams, The Mighty Quinn (1989) and Cool Runnings (1993). During a 14-year residence in Great Britain, Mr. Hyatt's television credits included Crown Court, Six Bites of the Cherry and Blood Knot, a two-hander with South African playwright Athol Fugard. Mr. Hyatt's credits on the Jamaican stage include Trevor Rhone's Old Story Time and Two Can Play, Patrick Brown's Dirty Diana, Basil Dawkins, Forbidden and several national pantomimes.

He is one of Jamaica's most revered actor/comedians and is known for his extremely witty improvisational skills. He had the lead role in several of Jamaica's Pantomines (the equivalent of Jamaica's Broadway). He once headed the drama department of the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, and remains one of the most distinguished actors and broadcasters in Jamaica. OF his many children his daughter who goes by the name Micheal Hyatt was the only one to follow him into the business.