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Posted by Sashana Laylor


In loving memory of Loretta Francis Gordon otherwise known as Ms Needle. Funeral service held on February 14,1998 at the Braeton New Testament Church of God. Leaving behind three (3) children, thirteen (13) grandchildren and two (2) great grandchildren.

To our loving mother, mother-in-law, sister and friend, always there for us. Through the very end. Your guidance, wisdom and knowledge that you have departed on us is what has kept us through. For sweet is the precious gift of your love as you leave this world but never out hearts as we gain new strength to see you again. Sometimes between the dawn and dark, go thou, o friend, apart, that a cool drop of heavens dew may fall into thy heart. Thus with a spirit, soothed and cured of restlessness and pain as you go with him mommy, be with him mommy for sweeter will be that day when we wake up to see your face.

Ms. Needle we love you and this is for all the world to see.